Chocolate Fondant

I got to be honest here, I am a choco-lover. There is no day that I don't crave for something chocolatey. If I have all the time in the world, I will definitely turn my kitchen upside down to invent new chocolate dessert recipes. But I got to accept, my 20 month old child is keeping my hands all tied up.

When I try or do new recipe, I always make it in a small batch. Less waste and gives me more room to try it again. It is my first time to try this chocolate fondant recipe. I'm a bit hesitant to serve it to my husband. But I got a kiss so I guess I did it right.

Chocolate Fondant

The Oliver ST. John Gogarty Bar and Restaurant

I've been living in Dublin for more than seven years now. With that, I'm so grateful for the privilege given to me to see the other side of the world. Being apart from home means missing a lot of traditional foods and delicacies. But being in a totally new environment means a great chance to try new foods. 

One of the famous spot to visit in Dublin is the Temple Bar Street. There you can find fabulous bars and restaurants which offers not only good food but also fun and entertainment. Just like "The Oliver ST. John Gogarty Bar and Restaurant".  

Lasagne served with fresh salad and chips

Lomi (Egg Noodle Soup)

Way back home, when it's rainy and cold, a bowl of hot sopas (chicken noodle soup), hot mami (beef noodle soup) or hot lomi (egg noodle soup) will be nice to keep us warm. In fact, even if the weather is fair and sunny, still these foods are so good to feed a hungry lady like me.

When my mom visited us here, I made sure that she will pass on to me her lomi  recipe. I'm glad she did. Now I'm sharing it to all who reads this and I hope you'll enjoy this. 

Basa Fish Fillet

Bangus, tilapia, galunggong or Gg, alumahan, dalagang bukid, trout, mackarel, tuna and salmon are the most common fish I knew and trust. I seldom bought  unfamiliar ones except recommend by family and friends. 

When my mother visited me and my family here in Dublin, she introduced to me this called Basa Fish. In case you don't know either, it is native to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, China, Cambodia and Laos. With their abundance, other countries around the world are also getting them through importation. 

My nanay (mom) taught me to cook it like fish and chips style. But sometimes I don't have the luxury of time to make batter and fry them, I tried a very easy way to cook it or I should say bake it. 

Using a baking tray lined with kitchen foil, lay down your basa fillet. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Massage gently with butter of your choice ( I used light butter.) Sprinkle generously with sliced spring onion. Put inside a pre-heated oven at 180 deg C. Cook for 20- 30 minutes. Don't over cooked it as it will dry up the meat. 

You can topped it with mayonnaise before serving with chips or rice. Hope you like it. 

Crispy Chilli Beef

Daily meals doesn't have to be fancy all the time. But if I can make one in less time and effort, why not.

Every week I spend an hour planning for our 7-day meal. It's easier that way to budget and check if I'm serving nutritious  dishes for my family. 

I'll be sharing my menu for next on a different blog post. For now, just to give you an idea of what simple meal I cook for not more than 30 minutes, here's a recipe of Crispy Chilli Beef. 

Craving for Street Foods

I simply miss the warm afternoon back home. That's the perfect time to grab something for snacks or street foods. Although, I can find something like fishball, siopao and dumplings here in North-West part of the world, still they're not good enough or let's say, I just truly miss what we have in Philippines. 

But these will do for now. "Kain tayo!!!"

Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

When it comes to spring rolls, I often had two versions. One is using vegetable and the other is minced pork. When I was a child, I used to watch my nanay (mother) while making lumpiang shanghai (the version that uses minced pork). Her amusing way of mixing every ingredient in a bowl got me curious. Then I'll help her wrapping each one of them in a lumpia wrapper bought in local wet market. The annoying part is that the wrapper was so thin that it breaks so easily. Good thing I can buy a Chinese-made wrapper here. It's reasonably thicker and even easier to use. 

My mother's magic in cooking is unbelievable because she don't use measuring devices to measure each ingredient. But her end products always taste delicious. As I intend to pass on the recipes to my kids and friends, I measured all ingredients religiously and had it written. Having said that, here's my recipe of Lumpiang Shanghai derived from my mother's own recipe. Hope you like it. 

Lumpiang Shanghai



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