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Cafe Goa: Indian Restaurant at Waterford

My husband and I love to dine out and try new food and restaurants. In every place we visit, we always want to try the local restaurants around the area. 

Just recently we had a great vacation at Waterford City, Ireland. We first planned to eat in a seafood restaurant but we haven't found one. With our persistence to find another restaurant to satisfy our hunger, we  manage to notice a small decent Indian Restaurant just opposite the bus terminal. 

The restaurant's name is Cafe Goa which I believe named after a smallest state in West India. What caught our attention is the A4 size paper which indicates the 4.5-star recommendation of Trip Advisor. Looks like many people were pleased with them.

We are familiar with Indian cuisines so it was not difficult for us to choose what we want. For appetizer, hubby ordered Chicken Pakora, tender chicken pieces dipped in a flour batter. 

Chicken Pakora
My starter was called Chicken Tikka which I know we are all familiar with. Except this time they were not served on sticks. They say, the chickens were marinated overnight with their special spices and slowly cooked in clay oven or tandoor. 
Chicken Tikka
For our main course, my sweetheart ordered Madras which is almost the same as Vindaloo (the spiciest Indian dish). It was a curry dish with whatever meat you like. On this occasion, he settled to chicken. It was spiced with mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chillies and coconut. 
I chose prawns with medium spiciness for my main course. The meat was cooked with fresh ginger, spring onion, tomato, garlic and Indian spices It was called Bhuna. 
In ordinary days, starter will cost 3.95 - 7.50  while the main course will cost €8.50 to 15.95. But during our visit, the 2-course meal was 10.50. Happy days. They also have a free toothpick travel kit on your way out.  The price, food and service justified the high recommendations. 

We're so delighted to chose Cafe Goa for our last dinner at Waterford City. I'm happy to give them 5 stars. If you happen to be at Waterford, pay them  a visit, you will surely smile even if your mouth is burning. 

Cafe Goa
36 The Quay, Waterford, Ireland
T: 051 0304970

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  1. hmmmm..sounds that you did enjoyed the food, with a five star that is quite a recommendation. nagutom tuloy ako. :)

  2. I have never tried any Indian food, there's none in our area but I would love to someday! Looks delish!

  3. Spicy foods aren't they, RL. Nice bonding moment na naman with your husband.

  4. Awww! those food makes me drool Sis :-) I am glad that you enjoy your Ireland vacation with your husband and that you found the best Indian food in the city :-) Nothing beats the best food in town :-)

  5. that chicken tikka is sooooooo tempting me. not really a fan of spicy food but i can tolerate when the food is really good. :)

  6. i'm drooling, the food looks good, i'm sure that it is really good

  7. There was this Indian dish that I really like; I just don't know its name. :D That looks so sumptuous. Now I got hungry suddenly. :(

  8. I love Indian food! One of my favorite restaurants here is New Bombay! :D

  9. Wow, good for you, Ireland has always been my dream destination!

  10. I love indian food. Great, you guys is on vacation can't wait to have a virtual tour in Ireland on next post.

  11. Sis,all the food made me hungry,lol! But honestly,haven't tried any Indian food yet though I do have lots of Indian friends,yay!

  12. Indians love spicy food, which I have an issue with. I think I can eat some of their food if they don't make it too spicy. I think I can handle the chicken pakora =)

  13. We like Indian food...we like Chicken Tikka Masala, Samosa, Naan, and Lamb Rogan Josh. :) There's one here name Mrs. Balbir's Indian Cuisine, you should try that if ever you will be visiting Bangkok.

  14. I am drooling over here! Looks so delish and the presentation is very inviting.

    I still got to begin liking Indian foodies though :-)

  15. wow your food is making me so hungry right now, that madras look so delicious!

  16. Haven't tried any Indian foods but it seems like it's not bad after all. They even look so inviting! :) ♥

  17. My husband like Indian foods, he said that he has been to different Indian resto before.

  18. oh am geee, i need my Indian food fix now!

  19. I haven't tasted Indian food yet but all these looks so delicious. Glad you enjoyed your short vacation in Ireland.

  20. Food looks great! I love spicy curries too and would love to try Cafe Goa. Only that I'd have to fly miles away from home to get there.


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