Thursday, August 15, 2013


Let me make myself clear, I don't eat the whole balut or balot.  I just drink the juice and eat the yolk part or as we said it "pula" (red part - I know it's not red). The other parts will be for whoever I'm with which is usually my husband. 

I remember when I was a child, a balut vendor shouts "Balut, Penoy" and all of a sudden you'll see people coming out of their houses to buy this most awaited street-food. I often have 'penoy' or the one similar to hard-boiled egg. Most likely I will also buy a bag of pork crackling hanging at the side of vendor's basket. That is one classic scenario and I don't want to forget it. 

I know not all people can eat this type of food. That's why some reality TV show challenge their guests to eat balut. Old people who loves balut says, "eat it with your eyes close".

Now, do I miss this? I certainly do, I just need to close my eyes. Oh wait, I still see it even if I close my eyes. 

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  1. haha, I eat balut like you do Len :)

  2. Hahaha I was going to say ewww, I do eat the yolk and I like the juice as well.

  3. yum! i so love balut, especially the juice, and i eat it like you, i just drink the juice and then the yellow :)

  4. I remember my dad buying balot/penoy and also those pork rinds hanging by the vendor's balut basket. It is something I will always remember growing up. I haven't eaten balut/penoy and given the fact that I know exactly what's in it is a reason enough not to taste one. :)


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