Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lunch With Hubby at Eddie Rockets

Out of the ordinary days, my husband and I went to Eddie Rockets for lunch. The first I've been there, I thought that it originated from US. But just so you know, it's a popular Irish restaurant chain that serves American style foods. They also have chains in Wales, Spain, and England. 

Hubby ordered an Iceberg Burger which was served with fries and a glass of soda. I think the name itself is enough to describe the food. They use iceberg lettuce instead of bun to make a burger. How's that for a healthy meal?
Iceberg Burger

I'm a big fan of cheese burger so I ordered the Cheeese Pleeeze. It's their classic burger with cheddar cheese. It's actually quite big for me so I asked my husband to have half of it. Again, it was served with fries and a glass of fizzy drink.

Cheeeze Pleeeze

One of my favorite side dish in Eddie Rockets is the Garlic Mushrooms. The dish was breaded mushrooms with garlic-mayo dip which made it taste even better. I can't stop eating them, I almost forgot that I have fries on the side. Each meal cost €9.75 and the side dish was €3.50.

Garlic Mushrooms

 For the food, service and price, I will give Eddie Rockets Restaurant 10/10. I love it and will sure be back for more. If you're in town, check the place. You too will enjoy it. 

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  1. I did not know what to cook for hubby tonight but now I am making a burger, thanks to your post sis. Yummy!

  2. Looks Delicious, I'm feeling a bit hungry now lol I love Burgers its something we all enjoy here!

  3. I made some jalopeño burger yesterday sis because of your post lol. It was yummy though.

  4. That's my hubby's favourite too. Burger is enough for him and he is happy but not for me. I still prefer

  5. wow! par syang Big Mac.. Cheese burger is my weakness. sarap nyan.

  6. Whoa! Sis, promise, I haven't seen an iceberg burger here yet, ever! Haha. That looks so healthy! :D Sounds like a must-try place for foodies! :)

  7. That Iceberg burger seems so interesting! I wonder how to eat that burger but since it's for good health, I'll give it a try! :D

  8. Yummy! I love the foods you eat :-) Yes! it looks a typical American food here. I bring my kids to one of the fast foods here once in awhile when their Daddy is working overtime :-) It is a little treat for them :-)

  9. That burger could already serve two people with its huge size. Looks yummy!

  10. You just give an idea to make iceberg burger. When eating, I usually eliminate the bun. Thank you for sharing.

  11. those garlic mushrooms seems look good, i'm not a big fan of burger but i can eat a few bites.

  12. mouth-watering! I am now thinking of going to Mcdo or Jollibee- namiss ko ang burger pero tamad aq magluto :)

  13. I am a fan of burgers and I wish I could just go vegan... But I cannot resist burgers. Well, at least I can skip fries. LOL

  14. Can't take my eyes away from Cheeeze Pleeeze. Can you send some over here Ate Len?

    KALAMI!!! ♥

  15. I am actually craving right now just by looking at those sumptuous treats in front of you sis :) I am very curious as to how that garlic mushroom tastes like.

    We have Johnny Rockets here in Dubai. I reckon they are relatives?!? hahahaha...just kidding...


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